The Captain's Crew


Beyond the Sunset - CD

The Captain's Crew - CD

Tenderly Calling, The Captain's Crew with George Hamiltion IV - CD

A collection of hymns, all written by Fanny Crosby, including such favorites as "Blessed Assurance" "To God be the Glory" and "Near the Cross"

Shipwrecked On Jesus - CD

Outer Banks Christmas - CD

George Hamilton IV with The Captain's Crew - DVD

Ken Mann and The Captain's Crew sit down with Grand Ole Opry star George Hamilton IV as he shares the story of his life in music and they sing some of his favorite hits together. This DVD is from the TV show "My Heart Will Always Be In Carolina"

Buffalo City - DVD

The story of a lumber town on the mainland of Dare County that disappeared. It was at one time the largest community in Dare County. Today there is nothing left but the trees, vines and the memories of those who lived there. This DVD features The Captain's Crew singing at annual homecoming. This DVD is from the TV program "My Heart Will Always Be In Carolina"

My Heart Will Always Be in Carolina - Ken Mann, Family and Friends

Includes the theme song from the TV show "My Heart Will Always Be in Carolina" as seen on public and commercial TV around the country. From the original artists who recorded the songs. Connie Francis,The Captain's Crew, Billy Edd Wheeler, Paul Craft, Jim Kelly, Connie Bateman, Thomas Baum and more. 

Old Hymns from the Heart, with Will Fields - CD

One of the Captain's Crew's favorite singers, Will Fields,sings some of you favorite old hymns. Mansion Over the Hilltop, Life's Mountain Railway, What a Friend We Have in Jesus, When He Was On The Cross and many more.

Songs and Legends of the Outer Banks - CD

A collection of folk songs about The Outer Banks of North Carolina. Written by Captain's Crew member, Ken Mann, along with the great guitarist Chet Atkins, Billy Edd Wheeler, who has written many great classics such as "Coward of the County," for Kenny Rogers, and Paul Craft, the man who wrote "Midnight Flyer" for the Eagles.  

Too Old to Fight, Too Fat to Run, Bill Rea - CD

Captain's Crew member Bill Rea's debut album is a melting pot best described as Americana Dixie Grass Country Rock. Presented by a songwriter with a whimsical yet soulful approach to lyric and tune this collection of songs will take you home and make you happy!